About Little Learners in Woodbridge

We are a Reggio Emilia based learning centre in Woodbridge. We care for children from 3months to 6 years, and provide a range of developmentally appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready for the next step in their educational journey!

Our Mission

Little Learners Childcare will provide an environment inspired by Reggio Emilia, where children are encouraged to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively to their full potential.

Our Vision

To offer a safe and natural educational environment where children gain knowledge through daily experience with parents, teachers, peers, events, and objects around them.

We allow children to develop their own theories, negotiate their learning, and merge their own thoughts together thereby building knowledge and enhancing their understanding of the world around them.

Our Values

  • Put Children First

We identify, recognize, and address our children’s needs.

  • Being Knowledgeable

By following “How does learning happen?”, the ELECT, and the Fundamental Approaches of Reggio Emilia, educators have the tools to provide the best educational program.

  • Teamwork

Collaboration between our educators will ensure the deliverance of a strong educational program.

  • Partnership and Transparency

We believe in supportive partnerships with full transparency with our families and our community partners and regulatory bodies.

  • Safe and Fun Environment

We ensure all children are safe by following all health and safety measures put in place by our regulatory partners.

  • Professional Conduct

We will adhere to our Code of Conduct when communicating and engaging with our families, partners, peers, and children.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our programming is Reggio Emilia inspired and aligns with the Ministry of Education’s approach to early childhood.

How does learning happen?

The Reggio Emilia Approach

Is an educational philosophy based on the image of a child with strong potential for development and a subject with rights, "who learns through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings and grows in relations with others."

(Reggio Children)

The keystone of the approach:

That children and teachers are capable, resourceful researchers, interested in inquiring into the world around them. Such thoughtful engagement includes working through theories, thoughts, feelings, and values.

The teacher develops pedagogical documentation which inquires into children’s thinking and understanding, invites children to revisit documentation, and studies documentation to propel the curriculum further.

Parents are invited to be full participants in the life of schools. For information on this approach visit:


We Incorporate The Philosophy Of ‘How Does Learning Happen’

“How Does Learning Happen?” is organized around four fundamental conditions.

These conditions are important for children to grow and flourish to their full potential.





These foundations are embedded in our centre through our interactions with children, their families, and our educators.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach

  • Build a love for learning.

  • Engage and learn through experiences with their peers and environment.

  • Welcome new experiences and challenges within an inquiry-based approach.

  • Build social, language, and communication skills to express themselves.

  • Develop social tools to solve problems.

About Our Team

The Little Learners family includes a diverse team of passionate educators who are committed of your child's success.

Why Choose Us

  • We put child's needs first at all times.

  • We are experienced educators who have dedicated our lives to ensuring your child's learning continues every day.

  • We conduct weekly observations and learning stories of our child's learning and growth in our care.

  • We provide specialty programs and services like French, Yoga, Music, Movement, and Character building in our program.

  • We recognize that we are partners in caring for your child. Working together to help your child be the best they can be.

  • We believe in our environment as the third teacher. Our facility is spacious, beautiful, and inviting.

  • Milestone-driven programs help prepare your children for kindergarten.

  • Daily written and pictorial reports shared with you through our social media app to share with your child at the end of the day.

  • Strong and experienced leadership in 15+ years of childcare experience.

  • Fresh and nutritional meals and snacks provided.

What to Expect from Little Learners

Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare in Woodbridge, if not the world!

As part of our commitment, we provide all of our kids with:

  • Healthy chef-prepared meals each day that meet dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, etc.

  • The opportunity to explore the surroundings with field trips to local farms.

  • Events that allow kids to learn more about the world around them like career day, guest speakers, etc.

  • Art Studio.

  • Outdoor play that teaches little ones how to respect Mother Nature and interact with the natural world in a meaningful way.

  • A diverse, all-inclusive environment where all cultures and traditions are honored and respected.

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