Little Learners Projects

Little Learners Projects

Why do we use projects in Reggio Emilia curriculum?

The main goal for the teacher is to listen and observe the children, as well as question and listen for opportunities to encourage further exploration. It also means that teachers are not planning projects or learning points in advance – they’re allowing projects to emerge based on the interests of the children.

The project framework at Reggio Emilia has a number of distinguishing features including a Holistic Approach, Guided Exploration, and Long-term Perspective. These elements all contribute to the growth of children as creative thinkers and self-motivated explorers.

Butterfly Symmetry

Our Butterfly Symmetry project gave our Little Learners the opportunity to be creative, using colourful paint to create patterns on Butterfly wings. To demonstrate symmetry in nature, we folded them in half to create the same pattern on both sides!

Planting Seeds

To learn about the way plants grow, we planted our own seeds! From germination to their first leaves, we were able to see the way that light, water, and soil helped them grow.

Rain Cloud

Using household items we were able to create our very own rain clouds! The water represents the air, and the shaving cream is like the clouds. As the clouds get saturated with water, they produce rain!

Sunshine Beads

This was a fun and creative project where we created our own sunshine. The beads symbolized the radiant beams of sunlight.

Water Colour Rainbow

Our Little Learners used paint and water to create their own rainbows. Mixing the water and paint allowed to colors to blend together, giving birth to one-of-a-kind rainbow masterpieces

Nature Collage

For this project we began by gathering leaves and other natural items from the outdoors. Then, we used these collected materials to craft a unique collage. This project beautifully blended the world of nature with the art of collage-making.

Counting Pom Poms

Our Little Learners used pom poms to enhance their counting abilities and to distinguish between various colours. This hands-on activity not only made learning more engaging but also facilitated their development of essential math skills, such as number recognition and basic arithmetic, in a fun and interactive manner.

Recycling Crayons

Unleashing imagination through melted crayons! Our young artists crafted vibrant masterpieces by melting and molding crayons into fun shapes.

Clothespin Rainbow

During this colourful activity, we explored the colours of the rainbow and matched each clothespin to its corresponding colour on the plate.

Ice Spheres

Exploring science and fun simultaneously: our little ones crafted ice spheres using balloons and water, watching magic unfold as they froze into perfect coloured spheres!

Marker Magic

Watch as our little artists work their marker magic, transforming ordinary paper towels into vibrant masterpieces with just markers and water!

Walking Colours

Exploring the magic of colours with our children through a captivating activity: Walking Colors! Watch as water, dye, and paper towels blend into a mesmerizing journey of hues!

Magnifying Letters

Exploring the world up close! We had a blast creating homemade magnifying glasses with our little scientists and magnifying the letters on a page. Learning has never been this fun!

Shape Matching

This shape-matching project was a fun and educational way to engage our little ones in learning about shapes. It combined hands-on activities with creative expression, making it an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

Counting Pizza Slices

Our little chefs are having a blast counting pizza slices! They matched the number of toppings on each paper slice to the corresponding number in the pizza box. Learning numbers has never been so tasty!

Jelly Fish Beading

Our Little Learners have created some vibrant jellyfishes with colorful beading while express their artistic side by choosing colors and designs.

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